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Kaare Lem is the spark that ignites the imagination of everything that one that observes his work.

His pictures transmit the humor with which they are done that in most cases is a positive, happy and enclosed comedian.

His abstract subject matter is very diverse: the woman, the party, the mask, the circus, the bulls, the Fleming, the harlequin and the omnipresent Sun, are a brand of the house.

As for his unique style it is necessary to emphasize the influence of the artistic movement CoBrA, developed in the Netherlands in the years of the postwar.

Also it is necessary to emphasize the influence of Picasso, Miro or Dalí  in his painting.

With a long experience and a life entirely dedicated to the art, Kaare Lem is considered to be one of the maximum exponents of the art in Denmark.

Fernando J. Navarro



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